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Department of Languages, The Open University - UK

The Department of Languages (DoL) is the largest language department in the UK in terms of student numbers. Courses taught at the Department of Languages range from beginners' to advanced level. We offer courses in Chinese, English (ELT), French, German, Italian, Spanish and Welsh. Students can gain a variety of qualifications: from certificates and diplomas in French, German and Spanish to a BA (Honours) in Modern Language Studies. Languages can also be studied as part of BA/BSc Open Degree. Research in the Department of Languages centres on the areas of online language learning at a distance, motivation and affect, open education and intercultural communication.

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  5. L195 Unit 2 Sezione 2.3 Giving information about people
  6. L195 Unit 2 Sezione 2.2 Exchanging contact information
  7. L195 Unit 2 Sezione 2.1 Introducing people
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  9. L195 Unit 1 Sezione 1.5 Saying what you do for a living
  10. L195 Unit 1 Sezione 1.4 Talking about where you live and where you are from

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