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Comment faire du café

Reading Text for The Skills of Reading and Listening Unit 4 Activity 2

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Como canbiar una bombilla

For use with The Skills of Listening and Speaking Unit 4, Activity 2

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Intercultural Communication -Warmer

Warmer which could be used to help Ss prepare for eTMA 01. To be used in a face to face tutorial.

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Introducing OULive

A slide to introduce the functionality of OULive to students - instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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Jargon v. terminology Unit 13

Students say which of the words are jargon and which terminology, giving reasons.

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L161 Language and the Irish

An activity to look at the case study of the Irish language.

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L161 Stereotypes Tutorial

My Stereotypes tutorial.

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L161 Tips for preparing and giving presentations

Advice for preparing and giving presentations.

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L161 Tutorial 2 Units 3 and 4: culture

material related to Units 3 and 4 book 1 (culture, culture shock and intercultural encounters)

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L161 Unit 1 PDP

An activity to discuss PDP and the aims of students in doing this module - instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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L161 Unit 2 Greetings

An activity to disccus greetings in different contexts - instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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L161 Unit 3 TMA preparation

This activity is to help students prepare for TMA1 - instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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L161 Unit 4 Inferring meaning

L161 Unit 4 Activity on inferring meaning from texts in foreign languages. Available as ppt. Full instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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L161 Unit 4 The glossary

L161 Unit 4 resource on the purpose of the glossary. Available as ppt. Full instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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L161 Unit 5 Word Categories

L161 Unit 5 Activity to revise word categores. Available as ppt. Full instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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L161 Unit 6 TMA

An activity to prepare for TMA 2. Available as ppt. Full instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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L161 Unit 7 Multiculturalism

Three activities to cover Unit 7: - Introduction - Examples of cultural artefacts about the topic, showing the wide range of experiences of migration - A debate, using a large number of statements to agree or disagree with. Colleagues could select those they prefer. I have left the whole list to allow for more freedom of choice when adapting the resource.

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L161 Unit 8 Polish in schools

A range of activities to cover Unit 8, focusing on the case study of supporting Polish-speaking students in British schools.

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L161 Units 13 and 14 Tutorial

A range of tutorial activities to cover Units 13 and 14

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L161 Your languages

an ice-breaker to find out about the languages students speak/are learning - instructions on ppt presenter notes page

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Photograph of Entropa by David Cerny

A sculpture by Czech Artist David Cerny. It was commissioned by when the Czech Rep held EU presidency. It depicts stereotypes of the nations who are members of the EU.

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Reading and Listening Unit 4

1. Definitions 2. Decoding aan inferring 3. Cognates, false friends and loans 4. Aspects of language learning 5. Ordering a text 6. Collocations

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Stereotypes 2 hrs tutorial

Tutorial to reinforce understanding of Unit 9 on Stereotypes

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The Nature of Language: Unit 1

1. Iconic, symbolic and indexical signs 2. Types of writing system 3. Categorising, overextending and underextending 4. Phonemes 5. Syntagmatic and paradigmatic dimensions

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The Spanish Child

This activity is similar to "Frugality at German dinner parties". It aims to do a close, critical reading of a relevant text. It hopes to foster discussion of intercultural encounters. I have included a text, but this is referenced. I hope this is OK.

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Tutorial Revision Unit 12 & start of Unit 14, Reporting Language

English as a Global Language (U12) Language and Social Class (U14) Reporting Language

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Units 1,2 and 3

a lot of material from which you can edit and select for tutorial 1

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