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Elluminate tutorial

This video will help you with how to access and use elluminate

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How to use the audio recording tool (ART)

This video will help your students in using the audio recording tool

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L185 Planning and delivering the introduction of an oral presentation

Designing the introduction of an academic presentation

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L185 Tutorial 1 Block 1 Get to Know You

An introductory online tutorial for Elluminate providing a chance for students and tutors to get to know each other.

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L185 Tutorial 2 Block 1 Review & Reflect

This Resource contains the PowerPoint content for Tutorial 2, along with the Tutor Notes for Tutorial 2. This tutorial is the 2nd one on L185 EAP Online and provides the students with a chance to reflect on and review what they have learnt in Block 1, along with some time to practise some of the key academic skills found in Block 1.

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L185 Tutorial 3 Block 3 Presentations

TMA 3 involves the preparation and recording of an academic oral presentation. In this Elluminate session, Block 3 is reviewed and students have the chance to familiarise themselves with some useful language for academic presentations.

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L185 Tutorial 4 Plagiarism and presentations

This fourth Elluminate tutorial session discusses and considers what plagiarism is, how to avoid it and why it is important not to commit plagiarism in university studies. The presenation goes on to discuss what is involved in preparing for the final oral presentation on L185 as Task 2 of the EMA.

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L185 Tutorial 5

Tutorial 5 is designed to prepare L185 students for the spoken TMA. They will reflect on good and not-so-good presentations, decide on their own criteria for evaluating presentations, and prepare for the content of TMA05. The materials are based on the L185 team’s Tutorial 4 materials and Elke StJohn’s interactive Elluminate whiteboards.

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L185-Tutorial 4- Presentations

Resources for Tutorial 4: TMA05

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Screencast on writing paragraphs

Screencast showing students how to write paragraphs

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Screencast: Using the TGF

Screencast to help students use their TGF

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Tutorial 3 -- preparation for TMA 04 (essay writing and using sources)

TMA 04 prep and guidance on using sources/avoiding plagiarism

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