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Additional Support Session _ TMA preparation

A one-hour support session to help a dyslexic student get ready for a written TMA.

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The different functions of "comme"

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French Phonemic Chart

Interactive phonemic chart of the French language which can be used in tutorials to teach pronunciation or for self-access learning by students. Download and extract the zip file to a folder on your desktop and to run the chart, double-click on the HTML file. Flash required, please click on the Word document for instructions if you have any problem.

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L192 Unit1 01 Greetings

Formal and informal greetings, pronunciation of [u] and [y] sounds.

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L192 Unit1 02 Saying where you come from and where you live

Talking about nationalities,using adjectives of nationality, distinguishing between masculine and feminine adjectives.

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L192 Unit1 03 Talking about occupations

Talking about occupations and other personal information,recognising the gender of nouns.

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L192 Unit1 04 Asking for and giving personal information

Asking for personal information,giving personal information,conjugating verbs.

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L192 Unit1 05 Meeting people

Introducing someone,revising the use of subjects pronouns + verb,spelling the letters of the alphabet,spelling your own name in French,pronouncing French names.

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L192 Unit10 02 Talking about illnesses and injuries

Talking about illnesses and injuries; practising the pronunciation of ui and oi; talking about incidents or accidents in the past; passé composé and imparfait

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L192 Unit10 03 Understanding the French national health system

Understanding the French national health system; practising the future tense; going to a pharmacy.

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L192 Unit10 04 Talking about treatment

Talking about illnesses and treatment; the imperative (and negative imperative); giving advice.

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L192 Unit10 05 Talking about alternative medicine

Talking about alternative medicine; giving opinions.

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L192 Unit11 (all sections) Talking about the past and the present

Talking about the past and the present; making comparisons; pronouncing 'plus'; telling your life story

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L192 Unit2 01 Expressing likes and dislikes

Expressing likes and dislikes,understanding and using food vocabulary,using definite articles

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L192 Unit2 02 Ordering food

Reading a menu in French,ordering food and drinks,using definite articles

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L192 Unit2 03 Paying your bill

Talking about prices in French,ordering food and drinks,using definite articles

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L192 Unit2 04 Talking about what you eat

Talking about eating habits,buying food in French,expressing quantities and decimal numbers

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L192 Unit3 01 Talking about families

Talking about your family,using possessive adjectives,using de to say how people or things are related or linked

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L192 Unit3 02 Describing people

Describing people, talking about parts of the body and character

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L192 Unit3 03 Talking about clothes

Talking about clothes,saying what people are wearing

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L192 Unit3 04 Describing your house and its layout

Describing houses and apartments,explaining the layout of a house or apartment,indicating location,using du, des, and de+ definite article

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L192 Unit3 05 Talking about house furnishings

Talking about household goods,explaining what things are made of,explaining where things are positioned,using indefinite articles

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L192 Unit4 01 Asking for directions in town

Describing a neighbourhood, a town or a city,asking for directions,aaying where buildings are located

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L192 Unit4 02 Understanding and giving directions

Understanding directions,asking for directions,using devez+infinitive and il faut+infinitive

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L192 Unit4 03 Understanding and giving directions in a building

Understanding and giving directions in a building,understanding prohibition signs

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L192 Unit4 04 Talking about distances and location

Saying how far a city is from another,using numbers between 100 and 1000,saying how long it takes to go somewhere,pronouncing the sounds [e] and [ɛ]

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L192 Unit4 05 Describing places

Describing places,using the relative pronouns qui and que

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L192 Unit4 06 Travelling in town using public transport

Saying how you travel to various destinations,saying a destination can be reached using public transport

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L192 Unit5 01 Talking about daily routine

Using pronominal verbs, using expressions of time,talking about your own and other people’s daily routine

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L192 Unit5 02 Talking about your job

Talking about what you do and where you work,using expressions of time,pronouncing nasal and non-nasal sounds.

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L192 Unit5 03 Talking about your work routine

Talking about your work routine, using expressions of time.

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L192 Unit5 04 Talking about work patterns

Talking about French work patterns,talking about one's own work patterns,using vocabulary related to seasons, months and days of the week

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L192 Unit5 05 Talking about current, future and recent activity

Talking about what you are doing now,talking about what you are going to do,talking about what you have just done

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L192 Unit5 06 Making plans

Making and responding to invitations,using the verbs pouvoir, voluoir, using aller +infinitive to talk about intentions

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L192 Unit6 01 Talking about your hobbies

Talking about your leisure activities,• using the verbs faire and jouer to talk about sports and hobbies

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L192 Unit6 02 Saying how often and when you take part in leisure activities

Saying how often you engage in leisure activities using adverbs of frequency, using the pronouns 'y' and 'en'to avoid repetition,talking about the weather.

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L192 Unit6 03 Talking about what you like and dislike doing

Using a wider range of leisure-related vocabulary, using verbs and adverbs that express likes and dislikes.

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L192 Unit6 04 Giving opinions and reasons

Asking for and giving an opinion,talking about leisure activities, using comme and parce que to explain your reasons for your views

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L192 Unit6 05 Saying what you prefer to do

Expressing preferences,expressing an opinion,distinguishing between the sounds /s/ and/z/

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L192 Unit6 06 Talking about what you used to do or be

Talking about what you used to do or be,using the imperfect, distinguishing between the sounds /g/ and /Ʒ/.

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L192 Unit7 01 Understanding holiday accommodation

Talking about French territories and French speaking countries;using the relative pronoun qui;describing people and things using adjectives.

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L192 Unit7 02 Booking accommodation

Using vocabulary for booking accommodation,making polite requests using the conditional,talking about holiday accommodation

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L192 Unit7 03 Travelling to your destination

Using vocabulary related to travel plans,making travel arrangements,using the superlative.

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L192 Unit7 04 Talking about what you would like to do on holiday

Using vocabulary for holiday activities, making holiday suggestions

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L192 Unit7 05 Making enquiries and booking services

Understanding formal questions,making enquiries and booking services

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L192 Unit7 06 Giving an account of your holiday

Forming the passé composé, using the passé composé to talk about what they did on holidays,understanding the agreement of past participle (agreement of subject with ‘être’)

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L192 Unit8 01 Talking about what you do at work

Talk about your occupation and responsibilities at work, using depuis with the present tense,saying how long you have been doing something

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L192 Unit8 02 Making appointments

Arranging an appointment with colleagues,leaving a message using phone numbers,talking about preferred means of communication

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L192 Unit8 03 Making formal enquiries

Using the present tense of a variety of regular and irregular verbs,asking formal questions,making an enquiry about an event

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L192 Unit8 04 Talking about studies and qualifications

Talking about your studies and qualifications, revising the passè composè,using 'il y a', pendant and depuis

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L192 Unit8 05 Talking about career path

Using pronominal verbs in the passé composé, using past participles correctly, telling a story in the past using passé composé and imperfect, talking about your career path

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L192 Unit9 01 Talking about shopping habits

Using plus, moins and aussi,talking about what they buy and where from,explaining why they buy a certain product in one place rather than another

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L192 Unit9 02 Buying goods in shops

Using ce, cet, ces, cette,using celui-ci, celle-ci,seeing the correct intonation to express surprise

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L192 Unit9 03 Ordering goods online

Using vocabulary related to online purchase, giving formal instructions.

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L192 Unit9 04 Methods of payment

Talking about methods of payments, using the direct object pronouns, using them with passé composé, learning online payment vocabulary.

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L192 ppt presentation for EMA preparation

Written exam beginners French

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Understanding French conjugations

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La routine au travail

Information gap activity. Students revise the conjugation of verbs first of all and then practise asking each other "A quelle heure..." developing speaking skills but also focusing on accuracy. A more open-ended activity could follow to allow students to talk about their own routine.

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Numbers 60-99

Practise numbers 69-99 face-to-face or online. Students practise either numbers only or prices. Students work in pairs. Student A asks student B: C'est combien? Student B says a number from the worksheet. Student A points to the number asking for confirmation: c'est ça?. Student B confirms: oui, c'est ça!

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Numbers and prices 0-20

This activity could be part of the first tutorial. Practise numbers and prices 0-20 as well as pronunciation including the liaison(euros).Could be used face-to-face or online. Students work in pairs. Student A asks student B: C'est combien? Student B says a number from the worksheet. Student A points to the number asking for confirmation: c'est ça?. Student B confirms: oui, c'est ça!

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Ordering breakfast

Information gap activity. Students A and B have some prices missing from their menus and must find them out from their partner by asking: c'est combien, un café? C'est 3 €. At the end, both students should have the same price list. Follow-on work with a role play ordering breakfast.

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Quand j'étais jeune

Information gap activity. Students describe their life 10 years ago using the imperfect tense. The activity could be adapted for use in the present tense.

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Romeo and Juliet

Ice-breaking activity that could be done at the start of the course. Materials include some Powerpoint revision slides (greetings, alphabet, role-play)together with printable cards and cut-out dialogue. Suggested approach: 1 Teacher elicit and revise vocabulary with slides (greetings and alpabet) in plenary. 2 Students unjumble the dialogue in pairs (with cut-out cards), then teacher show slide for correction. 3 Tutor to give each student a name card. Students to get up and go around the class using the dialogue to find their partner. eg Roméo looks for Juliette, Posh for Beckam... Possible follow-on activity would be for students to introduce themselves and spell their own name.

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Votre agenda

Information gap activity. Students each have a busy agenda and must arrange a meeting.

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