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Das Beste an der Sommerschule: ice-breaker

This activity gives students the chance to talk about the Summer School (also The ALE), to get them talking to fellow students after the experience of Jena/ ALE. This could be used online or face2face.

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Erfahrungen in Jena: Resource to practise for ECA2

This activity links with the Summer School and gives students another opportunity to develop confidence before the oral.

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Good Bye Lenin


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Heiße Prüfungstips: Reflection on the coming exams

These cue cards for use either online or face2face to enable students to share tips on surviving exams.

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L203 Learning Event 1

materials for LE1

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L203 Preparation for TMA2 - Speaking Practice/Statistics

Discussion based on infografics of changes in the British world of work. References to Modern German Grammar, Section 121.

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L203 Tutorial Materials_Arbeit_Tourismus

Tutorial material collection covering work, talking about the past and tourism.

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L203 Tutorial Materials_Glueck_Wege

Materials collection covering the topic Glueck, Wege, Philosophie and Ethik.

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L203 Tutorial Materials_Kunst_Comics

Materials collection covering definitions of Kunst and describing comics and cartoons.

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L203 Tutorial Materials_Philosophie_Ethik

Materials collection to discuss topics of praktische Philosophie and Ethik.

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L203 Tutorial Materials_Wohnen

A collection of activities centred around the topic of "Wohnen" and preparation of TMA1

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L203Unit1Act1a_Erstes Treffen in Elluminate

In this first tutorial students get to know each other and learn about some basic functionalities of their online tutorial environment (Elluminate).

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L203Unit1Act1b_Erstes Treffen in Elluminate

This activity uses the same introductory whiteboard slides as L203Unit1Act1a (to familiarize students with Elluminate) but additionally includes some PowerPoints to trigger conversations about German-speaking countries. It is aimed at groups who have already met face-to-face and don't need another tutorial introducing themselves.

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For this activity students will need to do some preparatory work online using web addresses of German accommodation agencies to find a house, flat or room they like. They will then describe their chosen object in the tutorial and talk about their preferences.

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In this activity students discuss how they go about finding information, and talk about the benefits and disadvantages of a collaborative online encyclopedia like wikipedia.

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In this activity students write about their dreams for the future and then check each others writing by using a checklist.

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In this activity students talk about their working lives and discuss their views. They describe what their dream job might be like.

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Students talk about working conditions in different work environments. They exchange ideas and suggestions using conditional clauses and modal verbs.

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L203Unit2Act3_Planning a start-up company

In this activity students discuss ideas for an internet start-up company and then present their suggestion.

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L203Unit2Act4_Kulturelle Unterschiede

In this activity students discuss cultural differences between German-speaking countries and the UK.

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In this activity students discuss newspapers, in particular the tabloid press. In groups, they then write some tabloid-style articles.

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L203Unit3Act2_Eine Debatte

In this activity students collect arguments and have a debate on whether or not soap operas are a waste of time.

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L203Unit3Act3_Ein neuer Radiosender

In this activity students make plans for a new radio station. They use expressions of opinion and reported speech.

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L203Unit3Act4_Einfluss der Medien

In this activity students discuss the influence of different mass media on their audiences. In groups, they prepare and deliver a presentation on the topic.

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L203Unit3Act5_Das Internet in der Zukunft

In this activity students discuss how they think the internet might change in the future. They make suggestions for desirable developments and react to the suggestions of others.

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L203Unit4Act1_Definition und Funktion von Kunst

In this activity students discuss what art means to them.

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L203Unit4Act2_Film und Fernsehen

Students engage in role-play tasks related to film or television.

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L203Unit4Act3_Eine Radiodiskussion Literatur und Internet

Students debate whether the internet is the death toll for books.

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L203Unit4Act4_Das Judenauto

Before this tutorial students should have read the story "Das Judenauto" by Franz Fühmann. They will discuss the story and find out more about its author.

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L203Unit5Act1_Das Glueck

In this activity students talk about their own and other people's definition of "Glück".

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Students discuss pilgrimages and join a web tour of a traditional walk. They then devise their own route.

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L203Unit5Act3_Religion und Kommerz

After some preparatory steps students engage in a debate about the commercialisation of religious festivals or other traditional celebrations.

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L203Unit6Act1_Diskussion Gedenkstätte

Students talk about aspects of GDR history and plan a visit to the Gedenkstätte in Hohenschönhausen.

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A group&pair work activity in which students exchange info and look for a suitable member for their WG. Many thanks to Dr Beatriz de los Arcos - whose original idea I have adapted to produce this resource. Beatriz' resource can be found here:

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Reflexive verbs

This exercise could be used as an ice-breaker on L203 to revise Reflexive Verbs in the Subjunctive. It could also be used on L130. With revision, some the task could be used on L193.

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