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Snakes and ladders online game

Grammar game to practice simple structures in the various tenses learned in L140, present, preterite, imperfect, future, present subjunctive. This game has to be controlled by the tutor who will throw the dice and tell the students the number they get, then give a student a counter and pullout a hidden word from each blue square. Then the student has to make a correct phrase use the three contents as well as a suitable ending to the phrase. If they fall in a ladder they go up, if they fall in a snake´s mouth they go down. If they fall on a white square miss a turn and if they fall on a red square they must make a phrase in the present subjunctive using only a verb and a noun then.

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el juego de los genios (repaso del subjuntivo)

You can revise the uses of the subjunctive for wishes and hopes. Designate a role to each student and they have to go around the group on a F2F or online work in a breakout room with a small group to ask them what they wish for another person depending on the type of genie they are. For instance "¡Hola soy el genio del amor! ¿qué deseas?, student replies "deseo que mi hermana encuentre un nuevo novio que la ame mucho"

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L140 Unidad 2 La salud y los remedios

Actividad para revisar los remedios naturales y usar las construcciones de opinión "pienso que, creo que, me parece que" además de la revisión del uso de "para".

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Paseo por la ciudad

Re-adapted version of document Paseo por la ciudad. The tutor can first revise the vocabulary from each picture asking the students the names of the places. Then this can be done as a pair activity on break out rooms or the tutor can act as a local spanish person and get the students to ask directions to places. The numbers can be deleted on the map. The studen asks the teacher "cómo se va al Museo del Prado?" for example and then the teacher gives the directions while the student grabs the smiley face and moves it around according to the directions. Once they get the place the teacher or student can write the number of the place on the map according to the list below. This can be exploited in different ways. Comments are welcome!

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Bar Portales with colours

Re-adapted version of Bar Portales screen, with colours and an interactive activity. The words are inside a basket, you change the colour of the words to the same colour of the basket so they are hidden. Then ask the students to look at the picture and note down as many words as they can. Then in turn you pull out a word from the basket and ask a student to place it over the item it belongs to and say the phrase "hay un/una....." using the word. Ask each student while you pull another word out of the basket. It works well on Elluminate or an interactive whiteboard.

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hablando de vacaciones

Interview questions to talk about further topics related to going on holidays

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Talking Electrons

Oral practice of any linguistic element using repetition, musicality awareness, volume awareness, role playing.

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