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Photograph of Entropa by David Cerny

A sculpture by Czech Artist David Cerny. It was commissioned by when the Czech Rep held EU presidency. It depicts stereotypes of the nations who are members of the EU.

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Revision of vocabulary for family members

Using some ads on You Tube to help them revise either in a tutorial or independently the lexis related to family members

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Tutorial Revision Unit 12 & start of Unit 14, Reporting Language

English as a Global Language (U12) Language and Social Class (U14) Reporting Language

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Intercultural Communication -Warmer

Warmer which could be used to help Ss prepare for eTMA 01. To be used in a face to face tutorial.

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Case- study texts on Waterstones

This activity will help students to develop the ability to read for a purpose, extract and categorise relevant information and analyse a business situation. It may be necessary to adapt the texts to fit the students' reading skills.

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Verbos Reflexivos

To practise recounting daily routines using reflexive verbs. To use the present tense to describe your daily routine. To revise and practise giving the time is something done. To revise and practise adverbial phrases expressing how often something is done

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Desde hace cuando

Saying how long you have been doing something Using desde + period of time

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Spanish Speaking Countries on Wordle

A wordle document to raise awareness of Spanish as a global language

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LB160 Book 3 Describing Trends

To describe overall trends in line graphs

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LB160 Book 1 Abbreviations

To help students create abbreviations for common words

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LB160 Book 1 Effective Note taking

To raise awareness of active note taking To help students to ask questions about they have read

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LB 160 Linking Words

To increase the use of linking words in writing. To practise using some of these devices

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LB160 Evaluating Web Pages

To make the participants consider the validity of the documents accessed on the Internet. To raise awareness of documents published on the Internet.

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LB160 Book 2 Referencing

To give students further practice in referencing. To refer students to Internet sites to help them with referencing.

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LB160 Book 1 Getting to know your course book

To give the participants an opportunity to have a look at the course book. To help create an online community.

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