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Sports et loisirs

Practice phrases for talking about leisure activities and sports and playing musical instruments.

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Faire le ménage

Practice phrases with 'faire' relating to housework. This PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used as a review of learning in face to face groups.

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Faire les courses

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of supermarkets with this handout. Students use it in pairs to find out each other's ideas, then report back to the group in plenary.

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Le chien et le rat

Learn some phrases with relative pronouns by singing this mournful song.

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Si j'étais un éléphant

Learn some conditional sentences by heart using this memorable song.

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Depuis combien de temps?

Practice using the question 'depuis combien de temps?' and giving answers using the present tense. Ask one student in the group to make up a question for someone else, following the example given. That person answers using 'depuis' plus the present tense. Students could be put into breakout rooms in Elluminate, with a plenary to report findings.

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On fait de la randonnée

Invent a descriptive narrative of a walk using the imperfect for description and the passé composé for narrative.

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Quel temps fait-il?

Handouts for use in pair work,discussinmg the weather using imperfect, present and future tenses. One person asks what the weather was, is or will be in a chosen country. The partner replies, using imperfect, present or future.

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Le temps

Images of different types of weather, for use in groups to practice the vocabulary of weather.

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Practise making conditional sentences using this pair work activity. This can be given as handouts, with students working in pairs. One person asks the question, either reading it, making the question from the key word prompt or using the picture as a prompt. The second person responds by reformulating the question into the first person and adding the second part of the sentence with the conditional verb. It can be used as a group activity, with the tutor taking a number of suggestions from different students.

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