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Kapitel 6_5_Im Wohnzimmer - Wechselpraepositionen

Wechselpräpositionen activity using Dative and Accusative

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Kapitel 6_5_Wechselpraepositionen - Dative_Accusative

using Wechselpraepositionen to talk about location of objects in a picture - difference between dative and accusative

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Kapitel 6_6_Understanding and giving directions

information gap activity (A&B) with split map and places in town to find

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L130 Thema 1 Teil 1 Akt. 5 Akkusativ

Overview of the German articles in the accusative

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Materials from the first of two tutorials about how you spend your free time. The main aim is vocabulary building. The accusative with in is practised in a structured drill. The last 3 slides are intended for pair work.

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Ordering prepositions taking the accusative and dative.

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