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Articles and adjective endings in German

Overview of the articles and adjective endings in all four cases with example sentences

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L313Thema2Teil3_Geschichte_Artikiel_ und Adjektivendungen_Uebungen.

A short cloze activity to practise article and adjective endings. The content relates to Thema 2 (die RAF). Students should be encouraged to use the helpsheet 'Artikel- und Adjektivendungen' to check their answers. The print version can be done in pairs in face-to-face tutorials. The interactive version can be done independently and corrected automatically. This activity is not suitable for Elluminate tutorials. The interactive version was made with Hot Potatoes software, which can be downloaded free of charge from

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Ordering breakfast

Information gap activity. Students A and B have some prices missing from their menus and must find them out from their partner by asking: c'est combien, un café? C'est 3 €. At the end, both students should have the same price list. Follow-on work with a role play ordering breakfast.

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