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Crowdfunding 1 Trouver le point commun

Activities based on the materials from the project The cosmonaut.

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L130 Thema 1 Teil 1 Akt. 6 Staedte vergleichen

Comparison of three cities: Tuebingen, Leipzig and Graz

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Making comparisons by practising the comparative of equality (tanto..quanto, così..come)

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Practising the use of the structure più/meno… di/che… to make comparisons; Understanding the difference of use between che/di; Revision of compound forms of the preposition di.

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Using "als" and "wie" in comparisons.

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L197Unit4_Session 15_Comparison

• Comparing people and things. • Talking about that something has changed. • More greetings

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L204Unidad5_Estadísticas Guinea

Practising "lo + adjective", talking about statistics, using expressions to indicate contrast and comparison with reference to Guinea Ecuatorial.

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L204Unidad5_Presentación de estadísticas

In groups students prepare a brief presentation on three South American countries, and discuss their differences and similarities.

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L211 Unit 5 14 Courants politiques

Talking about political movements and parties in France and in the UK

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