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L140U1A09_Comparar lugares

Practising comparisons. Comparing the students’ own cultures with the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

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L196Uned12_Sesiwn1_The Weather

Asking questions about the weather in the past and future tense; making comparisons about the weather.

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Using vocabulary for a range of holiday places and activities; discussing holidays.

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L197Unit4_Session 16_weather

• Talking about weather. • Using comparative sentences in the negative form and talking about things or people that are the same.

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L211 Unit 3 11 Une musique, une époque

Comparing music from different times

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L211 Unit 3 15 Cinéma britannique

Discussing French-speaking and English-speaking cinema

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Activate students' vocabulary related to the arts, take part on a debate on the role of art, express their own point of view and their opinions/feelings, use contrastive and comparative expressions, use abstract vocabulary Likes And Dislikes, Comparisons, Presenting A Point Of View, Discussing the role of art

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The situation of Spanish in Spain, USA and Perú: reflections on individual circumstances, languages in contact and comparisons. Exchange information and help students express their point of view.

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