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Cifras y letras

-¿Cuánto cuesta…? -To reinforce the use of numbers. Los porcentajes. Cifras y tantos por cientos -To introduce adjectives and pronouns: todos, ningún, ninguno, alguno -To reinforce expressions like: ¡qué interesante!, ¡qué bueno!, ¡qué caro! -To reinforce the Present Perfect tense.

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To practice oral skills - and basically, speaking: ¡Vamos a hablar! To reinforce structures: talking about preferences (me gusta, prefiero…) and giving reasons (¿Por qué? Porque…)

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Compartir I

To understand the concept of crowdfunding. To reinforce the use of the present tense and the use of the Direct/Indirect Objetcs. To promote the use of the dictionary.

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Compartir II

To understand a text. To talk about your hobbies, to express likes and dislikes, agreement and disagreement.

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El Cosmonauta - Activity 1

Training reading comprehension, speaking and writing skills; Learning/Revising vocabulary;

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El Cosmonauta - Activity 2

Training listening, reading comprehension and speaking skills; Expressing opinions and explain your point of view

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