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Gap-filling exercise

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L130 Thema 4 Teil 1 Akt. 1 Kalender Icebreaker

Participants talk about special dates like bank holidays, using a calendar, practising ordinal numbers

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L130 Thema 4 Teil 1 Akt. 3 Geburts- und Feiertage

Similar to 4_1_1 but using own birthday dates this time. More Ordinal numbers.

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L130 Thema 5 Teil 1 Akt. 1 Welches Datum?

Identifying historic events in recent German history

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Talking about memorable dates. Using the preterite and the imperfect to talk about one’s life. Expressing dates.

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L197Unit2_Session 5_rearranging characters to make sentences

Activity of making sentences by arranging characters.

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L197_Tutorial 2

These files were used for my second f-2-f tutorial.

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L204Unidad2_Hechos históricos

Activity to practise the past tense using key dates in Latin American history.

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L204Unidad2_Historia de Cataluña

Activity to practise the preterite using key dates in the history of Catalonia.

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In this activity, students practise the language needed to talk and write about history (e.g.useful verbs, the passive and dates).

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Telephone tutorial: Extra topic: Familie

Using some old Lyceum materials, this tutorial deals with family relationships, talking about dates and locations, presenting a famous person.

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Votre agenda

Information gap activity. Students each have a busy agenda and must arrange a meeting.

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