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Debate sobre el futuro del libro

Students are assigned a specific role to discuss the future of books vs e-books.

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L203Unit3Act2_Eine Debatte

In this activity students collect arguments and have a debate on whether or not soap operas are a waste of time.

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L203Unit4Act3_Eine Radiodiskussion Literatur und Internet

Students debate whether the internet is the death toll for books.

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L203Unit5Act3_Religion und Kommerz

After some preparatory steps students engage in a debate about the commercialisation of religious festivals or other traditional celebrations.

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L203Unit6Act1_Diskussion Gedenkstätte

Students talk about aspects of GDR history and plan a visit to the Gedenkstätte in Hohenschönhausen.

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L211 Unit 1 13 Débat pour ou contre

Debating the pro's and con's of organic products, giving your opinion and defending your point of view

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L211 Unit 1 14 Le bonheur

Expressing your opinion, considering other points of view, expressing agreement and disagreement

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Mandiamole a scuola

discussing different points of view

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