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L120 unité 4 Débat hypermarché

Giving opinions Practising debating skills

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L204Unidad5_Debate Educación

Introducing a debate situation, the different roles of those taking part in a debate, turn-taking, interrupting others, etc.

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L211 Unit 3 12 Les émissions de télé-réalité

Expressing opinions about reality TV shows

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L211 Unit 3 17 Le festival du 7ème art

Debating which film should be chosen for a festival

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L211 Unit 3 18 Démocratiser la culture

Discussing ways of making culture accessible to the greatest number of people

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L211 Unit 4 08 Taxe sur les voitures

Debating an environmental tax on cars

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L211 Unit 4 10 Manger vert

Debating organic food

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L211 Unit 6 11 Questions pour débat

Discussing and debating science and technology

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L211 Unit 6 12 Débat nature - culture

Discussing the issue of nature versus nurture

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Practise oral skills through role plays, debating the role of censorship and freedom of expression

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Students take part in a role play exercise in which they discuss the topic of global warming. The tutor manages the exercise by introducing events that change the course of the situation, to encourage the students to develop their improvisational skills.

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