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To improve the reading comprehension. To develop writing skills: describing persons. To reinforce vocabulary: physic and psychological adjectives.

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L130 Thema 1 Teil 1 Akt. 4 Stadtbild

Description of features of typical German houses

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L140U1A05_Ciudades de España

Using cardinal points, talking about where the main cities and provinces of Spain are in the map.

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Describing a celebration. Interpreting an event from the Spanish-speaking world based on limited visual clues.

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L140U3A11_Descripción de objetos

Describing objects in the present tense.

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L197Unit6_Session 31_speak fluently

Asking about and describing the manner of an action Describing how long and how many times something is done

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L204Unidad5_Descripción de lugares

Describing two cities in Cuba and Spain.

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Description of inventions by the students, with a time limit of one minute. Reflection on effective use of available time, in preparation for TMAs and oral exam.

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Quand j'étais jeune

Information gap activity. Students describe their life 10 years ago using the imperfect tense. The activity could be adapted for use in the present tense.

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Who is who?

Elluminate whiteboard to practise descriptions: ask a student to describe a character for the rest of the group to guess, or get the group to ask questions and find out the character. Clipart Discovery School.

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