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Crowdfunding 2 En savoir plus

Activity to learn more about Crowdfunding, and discuss the reasons to finance projects or not.

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Expressions for Discussions, German-English

useful expressions for discussions in table format, English-German

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L120 unité 4 les magasins

Giving opinions, expressing regret Revising vocabulary Discussing topic Practising comparative

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L130 Thema 5 Teil 4 Akt. 2 Lebensqualitaet

Participants discuss which aspects might improve the environment and thus, the quality of life

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L203Unit4Act1_Definition und Funktion von Kunst

In this activity students discuss what art means to them.

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L204Unidad4_Familias colchón

Discussing the topic of family life in Spain.

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L211 Unit 1 07 Parler de son temps libre

Talking about leisure activities

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L211 Unit 1 14 Le bonheur

Expressing your opinion, considering other points of view, expressing agreement and disagreement

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L211 Unit 2 01 Votre habitat

Talking about where you live

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L211 Unit 2 03 Votre quartier

Discussing where you live and the advantages and disadvantages, using 'ce qui' and 'ce que'

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L211 Unit 2 05 Votre logement

Discussing your house or flat, your living quarters and the area you live in

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L211 Unit 4 01 Paysages et patrimoine

Talking about looking after the environment

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L211 Unit 4 06 Futur antérieur

Making predictions about what will have happened to the environemnt in the future

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L211 Unit 5 01 Drapeaux

Discussing public affairs and citizenship

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L211 Unit 5 03 Parité

Discussing equal opportunities

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L211 Unit 5 08 S'engager dans la politique

Discussing careers in politics and getting involved in public affairs

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L211 Unit 5 14 Courants politiques

Talking about political movements and parties in France and in the UK

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L310_chapitre1_ 02_liberte

Cette activité donne aux étudiants l’occasion de travailler sur une citation historique qui se trouve en exergue dans leur cours en ligne (Session 1.3): “O Liberté, que de crimes on commet en ton nom...” (Madame Roland, 1754-1793, femme politique et figure de la Révolution française)

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Students read excerpts of poems and the tutor encourages some reaction from the in terms of feelings, sounds, message, etc.

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LB160 Book 3 Online Activity 10

To reflect on course and achievement of outcomes

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LB720_Tutorial 3

Role play in which students make recommendations about locating a new factory.

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LB720_Tutorial 4

Identifying problems and preparing for a discussion.

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nützliche Ausdrücke für Diskussionen

A sheet of useful expressions for group discussions. This can be used for prepping students for their oral assessment during tutorials or simply as a resource for students to work with in their own time. Goal is to provide students with vocabulary that will make any group discussion flow better and more naturally.

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vocabulary for discussion

list of vocabulary to use in discussions

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