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Describe the weather in French

Practise different weather expressions using the dialogue and picture prompts

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Advice on preparing for the new oral EMA

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L192 Unit1 03 Talking about occupations

Talking about occupations and other personal information,recognising the gender of nouns.

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L192 Unit1 04 Asking for and giving personal information

Asking for personal information,giving personal information,conjugating verbs.

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L192 Unit10 02 Talking about illnesses and injuries

Talking about illnesses and injuries; practising the pronunciation of ui and oi; talking about incidents or accidents in the past; passé composé and imparfait

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L192 Unit10 03 Understanding the French national health system

Understanding the French national health system; practising the future tense; going to a pharmacy.

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L192 Unit10 04 Talking about treatment

Talking about illnesses and treatment; the imperative (and negative imperative); giving advice.

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L192 Unit10 05 Talking about alternative medicine

Talking about alternative medicine; giving opinions.

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L192 Unit11 (all sections) Talking about the past and the present

Talking about the past and the present; making comparisons; pronouncing 'plus'; telling your life story

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L192 Unit2 01 Expressing likes and dislikes

Expressing likes and dislikes,understanding and using food vocabulary,using definite articles

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L192 Unit3 01 Talking about families

Talking about your family,using possessive adjectives,using de to say how people or things are related or linked

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L192 Unit3 03 Talking about clothes

Talking about clothes,saying what people are wearing

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L192 Unit3 05 Talking about house furnishings

Talking about household goods,explaining what things are made of,explaining where things are positioned,using indefinite articles

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L192 ppt presentation for EMA preparation

Written exam beginners French

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Advice on how to process ideas from different texts Preparation for TMA3

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Avoiding plagiarism

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La Justice en France

General presentation of the French judicial system

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Mai 68

Analyse du texte de George Pompidou sur mai 68

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Sujets de discussion

Possible topics to discuss

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Tutorial 1 Temps Forts (1)

Tutorial plan - Unit 1 (1)

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Tutorial 2 - Temps Forts (2)

Tutorial plan - Unit ! (2)

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Tutorial 4 Migrations

Tutorial plan - Unit 2

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Tutorial 5 Media (1)

Tutorial Plan - Unit 3 (1)

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Tutorial 6 Media (2)

Tutorial Plan - Unit 3 (Media)

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Tutorial 7 - Culture

Tutorial plan - Culture

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Tutorial 8 Sciences

Tutorial plan (Sciences)

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