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This a set of additional Thema 3 materials, focussing on the topic "Hobbies", with attention to comparative/superlative practice, giving reasons, saying how often one does certain hobbies and some activities for a brief presentation. Preparation for TMA 03. also a very brief overview of common German prepositions and cases. Aimed at a 1 hour to 1.15 hour long tutorial

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L140U1A06_Cuándo estudias español

Describing daily routine, frequent actions, using expressions of time and frequency

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Practising talking about the past, Practising and consolidating the imperfect tense, Consolidating phrases of time and frequency

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Practise contrast between perfect and imperfect tenses, Consolidate expressions of time and frequency

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Materials from the first of two tutorials about how you spend your free time. The main aim is vocabulary building. The accusative with in is practised in a structured drill. The last 3 slides are intended for pair work.

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Telephone Tutorial, Thema 2, Bildung

Talking about hobbies, evening classes, course feedback

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