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Cómo cambia la vida

Activity to practise expressing habitual actions in the past, routines in the present, and future predictions.

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Practise using the future to express suppositions; Consolidate students' understanding of the subject-verb relationship

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Asking questions about someone’s holiday; talking about holidays in the past and future tense.

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L196Uned10_Sesiwn2_Next week

Asking and answering questions in the future tense; reporting findings in the 3rd person.

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L196Uned10_Sesiwn3_The future

Asking and answering questions in the future tense; reporting findings in the 3rd person.

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L196Uned10_Sesiwn5_Future plans

Saying what you will be doing in the future; asking what someone will be doing in the future.

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L197Unit7_Session 34_Exam

• Talking superlative • Expressing ‘when’ in a time clause • Talking about the immediate future

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In this activity students write about their dreams for the future and then check each others writing by using a checklist.

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L203Unit3Act5_Das Internet in der Zukunft

In this activity students discuss how they think the internet might change in the future. They make suggestions for desirable developments and react to the suggestions of others.

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Students practise using the subjunctive in structures to express their fears and expectations for the future.

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L211 Unit 2 06 Le logement idéal

Describing your ideal house

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Tutor notes for an Elluminate or face-to-face tutorial in which students discuss different aspects of information technologies and are encouraged to speculate about communication in the future.

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Introduction/revision of French simple future and conditional with exercises

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Problemas de hoy

Get your students to discuss society and its problems.

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