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L193Thema01_Vor der Reise_1

Practising greetings and getting to know each other.

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L193Thema02_Erste Eindruecke_3

Revising greetings, introducing oneself and others and other small talk.

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L193Thema02_Erste Eindruecke_4

Revising greetings and introductions. Talking about professions and work. Practising small talk.

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Activity to practise greetings at different times of the day, saying who you are and how you are feeling, and asking how someone is.

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L197 Unit 1 Sessions 1 & 2

In Session 1 you will listen to and practise saying some basic Chinese vowel and consonant sounds, before going on to study tones. You will also be introduced to the pinyin alphabet and learn how to say some numbers and common greetings. In Session 2 you will learn some of the compound vowel sounds in Chinese, as well as how to ask someone’s name and how to give your name to other people.

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L197_Tutorial 1

This file was used for my first f-2-f tutorial.

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Romeo and Juliet

Ice-breaking activity that could be done at the start of the course. Materials include some Powerpoint revision slides (greetings, alphabet, role-play)together with printable cards and cut-out dialogue. Suggested approach: 1 Teacher elicit and revise vocabulary with slides (greetings and alpabet) in plenary. 2 Students unjumble the dialogue in pairs (with cut-out cards), then teacher show slide for correction. 3 Tutor to give each student a name card. Students to get up and go around the class using the dialogue to find their partner. eg Roméo looks for Juliette, Posh for Beckam... Possible follow-on activity would be for students to introduce themselves and spell their own name.

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