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A line drawing of an airport

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line drawing of bike

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Line drawing of a bus

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A line drawing of a camera

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A line drawing of camping

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line drawing of car

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A line drawing of a hotel

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Hotel room

photo of a hotel room (Alicante, Spain), describing places, talking aobut holidays.

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L140U4A04_Las últimas vacaciones

Talking about the past, using the perfect and the preterite. Giving a mini-presentation.

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Using vocabulary for a range of holiday places and activities; discussing holidays.

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L196Uned7_Sesiwn1_Personal details

Reviewing and answering questions about personal details, and practising language learned in the course so far.

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L211 Unit 1 09 Les vacances sondage

Expressing preferences about holidays

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Questions about holidays which could be used in breakout rooms to discuss in pairs and revise the perfect and the imperfect

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