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Imagine settings and characters

Imagine what the movie is about; imagine the settings, what the characters look like, etc.

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L204Unidad6_Presentación oral

Giving an oral presentation about economical and social problems in Latin America, and expressing hypothesis.

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L211 Unit 3 08 Et si tout le monde…

Using conditional clauses to talk about culture

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L211 Unit 4 05 Si + futur et présent

Talking about possible environmental impacts

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L211 Unit 5 09 Si j'étais président

Discussing what you would do in public life if you were the President of the Republic

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L211 Unit 6 03 Bilan et regrets

Using Si clauses with pluperfect plus clauses with conditional to express regret

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Practise oral skills through role plays, debating the role of censorship and freedom of expression

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