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L203Unit2Act3_Planning a start-up company

In this activity students discuss ideas for an internet start-up company and then present their suggestion.

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L203Unit3Act5_Das Internet in der Zukunft

In this activity students discuss how they think the internet might change in the future. They make suggestions for desirable developments and react to the suggestions of others.

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L203Unit4Act3_Eine Radiodiskussion Literatur und Internet

Students debate whether the internet is the death toll for books.

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Cette activité donne aux étudiants l’occasion de travailler à partir de deux courts documents écrits tirés de Francosphères pour analyser, premièrement, la concurrence qu’internet pose aux médias traditionnels, et deuxièmement la riposte des journaux

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Tutor notes for an Elluminate or face-to-face tutorial in which students discuss different aspects of information technologies and are encouraged to speculate about communication in the future.

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LB160 Evaluating Web Pages

To make the participants consider the validity of the documents accessed on the Internet. To raise awareness of documents published on the Internet.

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Prensa en internet

Doing a Web Tour in Elluminate and bringing students to visit the websites of different newspapers in Spanish.

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