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L140U3A10_Entonación de las preguntas

Practising the intonation of questions and statements. Becoming aware of cultural differences in social behaviour.

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L193 Intonation and stress in German

A screencast produced as part of the Screen-o-Matic pronunciation project delivered by the OU in Wales Languages Team

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L211 Unit 3 07 Le bourgeois gentilhomme

Preparing a scene from 'Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme' by Molière

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Let us play with the language

To raise awareness about body language. To practice intonation (to express feelings through intonation); To practice question tags or linguistic elements to reinforce the discourse (advanced learners).

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Numbers 60-99

Practise numbers 69-99 face-to-face or online. Students practise either numbers only or prices. Students work in pairs. Student A asks student B: C'est combien? Student B says a number from the worksheet. Student A points to the number asking for confirmation: c'est ça?. Student B confirms: oui, c'est ça!

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What is this?

Activity inspired by a Drama workshop. The students are to pass around an object asking what it is.

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who needs words

Activity inspired by a Drama workshop. The students are invited to mock speaking, without using "real" words, to reflect upon intonation and body language.

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