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Acting out animals

Activity created after the Performing Languages Ferrara workshop at the Teatro COmunale

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Buying food

Lesson plan: 1) Use slides 2,3,4,5 to introduce the language necessary to buy food at market 2) Use slide 6 to teach articulate prepositions and slide 7 as an exercise 3) Role play. Using Italian supermarket magazines and slide 8 as a prompt, students buy and sell food.

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Giving and obtaining personal information

Cut the cards and then give one card to each student. Ask the students to find all the information that is missing on their cards. To do this they have to walk around the room and ask their colleagues questions.

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L150 EMA preparation

Staged preparation to Oral EMA to be carried out during a tutorial and then by students on their own. The first stages gradually get the students ready for a discussion. By the time they get to the final stage, the students should be ready to give a presentation.

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L195Unit2_Personal Details (role play)

Students take part in a role play (how to ask for and give personal details)

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La famiglia


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