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A line drawing of a chef

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Line drawing of a dentist

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A line drawing of a farmer

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A line drawing of a firefighter

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Line drawing of a gardener

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Line drawing of a hairdresser

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Jobs and professions

Images of jobs/professions with labels in Spanish. The jobs chosen revise gender endings and provide practice of vowel sounds and "difficult" consonants (qu/r/j/h)

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L130 Thema 2 Teil 3 Akt. 1 Beruferaten Icebreaker

Finding German job vocabulary in a grid: "Wordsearch"

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In this activity students talk about their working lives and discuss their views. They describe what their dream job might be like.

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L204Unidad3_Curriculum Vitae

Identifying the essential elements in a CV, and the requirements of a given vacancy.

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Line drawing of a mechanic

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Line drawing of a surgeon

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A line draweing of a teacher

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heiteres Beruferaten

This is a tried and tested ice breaker activity for face-to-face tutorials. It fits into the topic of ‘Berufe’ and ‘Welt der Arbeit’ but can be adapted to fit any category (eg. celebrities, characters from novels, or people from history). Prepare cut slips of paper (one per student), hand these out so each student can only see their slip. Make sure students understand what their given ‘Beruf’ is. One candidate begins, the rest are the panel. The student in the ‘hot seat’ may only answer questions with ‘ja’ or ‘nein’, although ‘manchmal’, ‘immer’, ‘nie’ etc can also be encouraged. Goal of the game is to guess the job with as few questions as possible, although in this context the more target language is used the better. Tutors are part of the panel and can move the game along. The ‘Berufe’ chosen are deliberately glamorous and /or unusual to add an element of fun. These can be adapted to suit your group of students.

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