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Dans quel genre de maison habitez-vous ? L112 Unit 1 Section 1

Pictures and vocabulary To introduce the vocabulary needed to describe houses in the UK : maison en terrasse, maison jumelle, maison sans étage, maison individuelle/pavillon, immeuble/appartement

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Example of a first online tutorial for L112

This is a possible first tutorial introducing the module and to practise the first unit : Activité plénière : on se présente en testant le son Activité de groupe : on se présente, utilisons les expressions pour localiser un endroit Activité plénière : décrire un logement Introduction au cours de L112 Activité plénière : récapitulation Questions

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Slide to show while students are waiting

Slide to remind students how to test their audio while they are waiting for the tutorial to start. Include a Gif of a little girl saying bonsoir

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Verbes pronominaux, daily routine

Pictures with vocabulary to help students talk about their daily routine. Can be used either with students drawing lines on the slide or with tutor writing vocabulary on the tile by using Drawing which students will then be able to move. This needs to be followed by a group activity when students describe their own daily routine

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