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L140 "nos" and "nosotros"

A worksheet to help students to differentiate between "nos" and "nosotros".

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L140 Prueba oral MOCK

This is a MOCK to prepare students for the EMA that I have used with my groups at the Spanish Intensives resi school in Alicante. Feel free to use it or adapt it if you want to do a mock oral with your students

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Mi viaje a Sevilla

A series of slides with photos of Seville and captions, to provide a basis for telling the story of a trip, using past tenses. It can also be used to tell plans, using future tenses. These are my photos: feel free to use them. It can be used for other languages, simply changing the captions.

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Snakes and ladders online game

Grammar game to practice simple structures in the various tenses learned in L140, present, preterite, imperfect, future, present subjunctive. This game has to be controlled by the tutor who will throw the dice and tell the students the number they get, then give a student a counter and pullout a hidden word from each blue square. Then the student has to make a correct phrase use the three contents as well as a suitable ending to the phrase. If they fall in a ladder they go up, if they fall in a snake´s mouth they go down. If they fall on a white square miss a turn and if they fall on a red square they must make a phrase in the present subjunctive using only a verb and a noun then.

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