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A video on how to pronounce c, ci, and ch in Italian.

In this short Jing video students will find an explanation on how to say c, ci and ch correctly, and a couple of brief practice activities.

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Dialogues Performing Languages

Dialogues to practise the formal and informal address, to introduce oneself using the right intonation depending on whether we are making a statement of asking a question

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How to pronounce sc, sci and sch in Italian

A Jing video to help students with the pronounciation of sc, sci and sch in Italian.

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La famiglia


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Musical statues

Activity written in Ferrara after a Performing Languages workshop held at the Teatro Comunale

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Performing actions

verb formation

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Talking Images

Playing musical statues but describing different daily scenarios-revision activity

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Talking Numbers

Dialogues with numbers which can be extended to role-plays at beginner's level.

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