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Whiteboards from my second Elluminate tutorial on Leisure and Hobbies. Aims to develop aspects covered in the preceding tutorial. For face to face use, I have included a PDF version.

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Practising vocabulary for a range of leisure activities, asking and answering the question dych chi’n hoffi …?, saying what you like or don’t like doing

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L196Uned6_Sesiwn4 _Dych chi'n gallu

Saying what you can do and how often, asking what someone else can do and how often.

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L196Uned7_Sesiwn3_Past events

Asking and saying what someone did in the past, telling a story in the past, putting events in order.

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L197Unit2_Session 7_activities

Word order for time expressions

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Quand j'étais jeune

Information gap activity. Students describe their life 10 years ago using the imperfect tense. The activity could be adapted for use in the present tense.

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