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Interview with Cees Nooteboom

The use of the interview was kindly agreed by the Chatwin Prize committee, a cultural organisation based in Genoa, and responsible for the event named after the British traveller and writer Bruce Chatwin, (Sheffield 1940 - Nice 1989). It was agreed that the use of the interview was to be purely for pedagogic reasons.

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L203Unit4Act4_Das Judenauto

Before this tutorial students should have read the story "Das Judenauto" by Franz Fühmann. They will discuss the story and find out more about its author.

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L313Thema1_Zusaetzliches Material (2)_Gedichte zum Thema Heimat

Poems in German on the theme of "Heimat", to help students to explore the concept and how it changes under different historical circumstances.

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The first PowerPoint introduces key aspects of literary analysis,from L313, 5.1. Students apply them to Wolfgang Borchert's short story about the aftermath of war "Die Kuechenuhr." All the material for this unit, including vocabulary support and online activities for vocabulary building, are available online. Links are given at the end of the PowerPoint. The activities in the PowerPoint "Direkte und indirekte Rede" are also based on the story.

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A matching activity, to help students broaden vocabulary and develop an interesting writing style. This is useful for both TMA 5 and the final project. The interactive version can be used as a whole-group warm-up or assessment activity. A computer and data projector are required for face-to-face tutorials. This activity is not suitable for Elluminate. It was made with Hot Potatoes software, which can be downloaded free of charge from The print version works well as a pairwork activity. Print the sheets(1 set for every two or three students),cut them into separate cards and distribute one set to each pair or group. Many students find working with cards much easier than matching items on a printed page.

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Weitere Unterrichtsideen zum Thema Literatur und Film.

This resource consists of a document with suggestions for tutorials on literature and film in Postwar Germany.

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