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L120 unité 1 vacances à la plage

discussing preferences, expressing opinions, using expressions of quantity

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L120 unité 4 Débat hypermarché

Giving opinions Practising debating skills

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L120 unité 4 comparer

Giving opinions Using the comparative

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L120 unité 5 Qui sauver?

Giving opinions Practising emphatic pronouns Revising vocabulary on topic

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L130 Thema 5 Teil 1 Akt. 3 Meinungsaustausch - deutsche Geschichte

Participants are asked to express their opinions on the German re-unification process, using standard phrases and expressions

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Asking and answering questions about places.

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L203Unit3Act5_Das Internet in der Zukunft

In this activity students discuss how they think the internet might change in the future. They make suggestions for desirable developments and react to the suggestions of others.

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L204Unidad5_Encuesta Medio Ambiente

Students prepare and conduct an opinion poll on environmental problems.

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L204Unidad5_Opiniones Medio Ambiente

Practising vocabulary and structures related to opinion polls.

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L204Unidad6_Deuda externa

Activity to practise debating in preparation for the oral exam.

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L204Unidad6_Escuela de verano

Activity to practise exchanging information, expressing opinions and revising the past tenses in the context of having or not having attended the Residential School in Santiago.

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Through the various activities, students reflect on European, regional and immigration-related stereotypes. Practise of vocabulary from Unit 1.

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