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Connecteurs pour une argumentation logique

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Preparing an oral presentation in French with examples from L211 oral EMA specimen materials

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Fiestas en Espana

This task is in preparation for the speaking ECA. There are 4 possible "fiestas". In this exercise, each student gives a brief presentation of each fiesta. They have to explain to the group why they recommend that fiesta. As a group they decide which one of the festive occasions they would like to experience and why.They can also consider how they will travel and what type of accommodation they will book. The provenance of text and photographs is acknowledge on each document.

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Advice on preparing for the new oral EMA

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L130 ECA 2 Specimen series

Transfer of material from Assessment booklet: ECA2 Specimen paper, assessment booklet 2010, pages 29ff.

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L185 Tutorial 3 Block 3 Presentations

TMA 3 involves the preparation and recording of an academic oral presentation. In this Elluminate session, Block 3 is reviewed and students have the chance to familiarise themselves with some useful language for academic presentations.

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Encourage spontaneous speaking, as well as awareness of time limits, in preparation for the oral exam.

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How to exploit a text

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Expressions used to disagree or correct what someone has said, from polite to familiar register.

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Sujets de discussion

Possible topics to discuss

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Tutorial 1 Temps Forts (1)

Tutorial plan - Unit 1 (1)

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Tutorial 2 - Temps Forts (2)

Tutorial plan - Unit ! (2)

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Tutorial 3 Temps Forts (3)

Tutorial plan - Unit 1 (3)

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Tutorial 4 Migrations

Tutorial plan - Unit 2

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Tutorial 5 Media (1)

Tutorial Plan - Unit 3 (1)

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Tutorial 6 Media (2)

Tutorial Plan - Unit 3 (Media)

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Tutorial 7 - Culture

Tutorial plan - Culture

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Tutorial 8 Sciences

Tutorial plan (Sciences)

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