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To practice oral skills - and basically, speaking: ¡Vamos a hablar! To reinforce structures: talking about preferences (me gusta, prefiero…) and giving reasons (¿Por qué? Porque…)

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L120 unité 1 vacances à la plage

discussing preferences, expressing opinions, using expressions of quantity

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L130 Thema 1 Teil 3 Akt. 2 Es gefaellt mir!

Talking about preferences for different types of houses

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L204Unidad5_Casa ideal

Expressing likes and dislikes using the subjunctive, and needs when talking about houses in a role-play.

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L204Unidad5_Preferencias Vivienda

Expressing preference using the subjunctive in the context of accommodation and houses.

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L211 Unit 3 01 Quelles sont vos sorties culturelles préférées

Discussing which cultural activities you prefer

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