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Buying food

Lesson plan: 1) Use slides 2,3,4,5 to introduce the language necessary to buy food at market 2) Use slide 6 to teach articulate prepositions and slide 7 as an exercise 3) Role play. Using Italian supermarket magazines and slide 8 as a prompt, students buy and sell food.

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Describing a sitting room

1) Students describe a sitting room using articulate prepositions e.g. il cane e' sul tappeto 2) Students pair clipart objects and their meanings and then take turns to place them in various places in the sitting room. They will need to use articulate prepositions, destra, sinistra, vicino a, sopra, sotto

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Practising the use of prepositions mentre e durante in different contexts; Being aware of the two possible positions of sentences introduced by mentre and durante.

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Ordering prepositions taking the accusative and dative.

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Practising prepositions and cases.

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L196Uned5_Sesiwn8_Health matters

Practising vocabulary for parts of the body, asking and talking about health matters, and reporting findings in the 3rd person.

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Photos, practising prepositions

Two photos with various objects. Open in Breakout Room. Label photo "A" and "B". Make sure students can roam. Each student looks at different photo. They compare where the objects are: "On my photo, the shoe is..."

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Where are my glasses?

Students take it in turns to guess where the glasses are

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