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Step by step guide to producing an argumentative text/presentation using example from L211 Unit 1

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L130 Thema 3 Teil 3 Akt. 2 Staedtevortrag

Participants are asked to do a presentation on a German-speaking city (covered in course materials)

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L130 Thema 5 Teil 4 Akt. 3 Projekt Lebensqualitaet

Students are given three different subtopics and have to give a presentation / discuss how to improve the quality of life in their town

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L140U4A04_Las últimas vacaciones

Talking about the past, using the perfect and the preterite. Giving a mini-presentation.

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Practising how to express hopes and wishes. Giving a short presentation. Finding out about the city of Valparaíso and the problems of some Latin-American cities.

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L140U6A04_Club del libro

Giving and justifying opinions. Giving a short presentation. Practising for the speaking ECA. Participating in a group discussion

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L185 Tutorial 3 Block 3 Presentations

TMA 3 involves the preparation and recording of an academic oral presentation. In this Elluminate session, Block 3 is reviewed and students have the chance to familiarise themselves with some useful language for academic presentations.

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L203Unit3Act4_Einfluss der Medien

In this activity students discuss the influence of different mass media on their audiences. In groups, they prepare and deliver a presentation on the topic.

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LB720_Tutorial 2

Interviewing and preparing to give presentations.

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LB720_Tutorial 3

Role play in which students make recommendations about locating a new factory.

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LORO - how to upload materials

Instructions on how to upload materials in LORO

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Materials for first Face-to-Face Tutorial, 4.5 hours

Materials for a 4.5 hour long face -to- face tutorial, including an icebreaker (party interviews), a proof-reading exercise, a presentation exercise, etc.. The quiz is designed to raise awareness about the usefulness of dictionaries

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