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Practising the formation of the preterite and the imperfect.

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L140U3A02_Adivina quién es

Talking about the biography of a famous person. Practising the preterite and imperfect tenses.

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L140U3A07_Verdad o mentira

Using the preterite and the imperfect to talk about one’s life.

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L140U3A08_Días memorables

Using the preterite to talk about memorable dates in the past.

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L140U3A09_Pronunciación del Indefinido

Practising the stress patterns of preterite and present verb forms.

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L140U4A05_Cuentos PC

Using the preterite and the imperfect for narration in the past.

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L140U4A06_La leyenda de la Dama

Talking about past events. Practising the preterite and the imperfect tenses. Telling a legend. Reflecting on and identifying cultural elements shared by legends.

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Talking about memorable dates. Using the preterite and the imperfect to talk about one’s life. Expressing dates.

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Getting to know other students in one´s tutorial group, and practising the preterite.

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L204Unidad1_Cómo solías aprender

Activity to invite students to reflect on how they learn a language, while practising the past tenses.

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L204Unidad2_Hechos históricos

Activity to practise the past tense using key dates in Latin American history.

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L204Unidad2_Historia de Cataluña

Activity to practise the preterite using key dates in the history of Catalonia.

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Revising the past tenses while narrating a legend.

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