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Cifras y letras

-¿Cuánto cuesta…? -To reinforce the use of numbers. Los porcentajes. Cifras y tantos por cientos -To introduce adjectives and pronouns: todos, ningún, ninguno, alguno -To reinforce expressions like: ¡qué interesante!, ¡qué bueno!, ¡qué caro! -To reinforce the Present Perfect tense.

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Consolidating the use of direct object pronouns 'lo', 'la', 'li', 'le' with perfect tense; passato prossimo; making agreement with the participle.

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Practise using the pronouns with formal imperative; Reinforce the relationship between nouns and pronouns

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Practise using the plural imperative; Practise using pronouns with the plural imperative; Expand the vocabulary of Unit 7

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Le chien et le rat

Learn some phrases with relative pronouns by singing this mournful song.

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