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L196Uned7_Sesiwn4_The perfect tense

Asking and saying what someone has done, asking extra information such as where and when.

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L196Uned9_Sesiwn3_Customer details

Asking for someone’s personal details, answering questions about personal details and reporting findings in the 3rd person.

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L196Uned9_Sesiwn6_The news

Asking and answering questions about the news.

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L197Unit2_Session 8_choice questions

Tutorial plan - to practise how to ask 'choice questions' by using 'hai shi'

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Students work in small groups or pairs. Taking as an example a little girl who always wants to know about things, they ask each other about different inventions and scientific achievements.

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La routine au travail

Information gap activity. Students revise the conjugation of verbs first of all and then practise asking each other "A quelle heure..." developing speaking skills but also focusing on accuracy. A more open-ended activity could follow to allow students to talk about their own routine.

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Ma journee

Audio for KS2 French: Unit 10 Vive le sport! (Our sporting lives), Unit 19 Notre école (Our school) Scheme of work for KS2 French:

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General revision/summary on how to ask questions in French

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Questions about holidays which could be used in breakout rooms to discuss in pairs and revise the perfect and the imperfect

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What is this?

Activity inspired by a Drama workshop. The students are to pass around an object asking what it is.

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studying Ouverture

questions to ask students studying Ouverture. Students could discuss these questions in breakout rooms

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