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Cambiar la vida - logros

a short ppt presentation revising verbs for achievement and a slide for language production and practice

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Learning subtitling through TED Open Translation Project

This is an activity to introduce advanced language students to subtitling, using an online volunteer community, the TED Open Translation Project.

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Los problemas y las soluciones

Students find solutions to given problems using modal verbs such as debes/deberias/podrias/tienes que use in face-to-face tutorials or on Elluminate

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Por y Para - Overview

An overview of the uses of por and para in Spanish with examples

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This presentation covers the basic differences between SER/ESTAR. It can also be used as a revision of sentence structure and also subject pronouns and their optional usage within the sentence. Esta presentación pretende servir de ayuda en el estudio y revisión de los verbos SER/ESTAR. También se ha utilizado para revisión de estructura frasal y uso de los pronombres sujeto.

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Snakes and ladders online game

Grammar game to practice simple structures in the various tenses learned in L140, present, preterite, imperfect, future, present subjunctive. This game has to be controlled by the tutor who will throw the dice and tell the students the number they get, then give a student a counter and pullout a hidden word from each blue square. Then the student has to make a correct phrase use the three contents as well as a suitable ending to the phrase. If they fall in a ladder they go up, if they fall in a snake´s mouth they go down. If they fall on a white square miss a turn and if they fall on a red square they must make a phrase in the present subjunctive using only a verb and a noun then.

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como referirse a su audiencia en una presentacion

a handout for students to help them to refer to their audience in presentations

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por y para en contexto

por and para exercise in context, can be used with my por and para overview

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