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Como se escribe

This resource reinforces asking and giving surname and spelling it. I gave each participant a card with a Spanish surname (the correct version). They practised short dialogues (cual es tu apellido and como se escribe).

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First encounters

Dialogue. The aim is to find out information from students following the models given.

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Kapitel 1_4_Self-Help-Group_Exchanging personal info

the activity can be distributed to student moderators for use in self-help groups

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Non-timetabled session on using the alphabet in a game of spelling.

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Romeo and Juliet

Ice-breaking activity that could be done at the start of the course. Materials include some Powerpoint revision slides (greetings, alphabet, role-play)together with printable cards and cut-out dialogue. Suggested approach: 1 Teacher elicit and revise vocabulary with slides (greetings and alpabet) in plenary. 2 Students unjumble the dialogue in pairs (with cut-out cards), then teacher show slide for correction. 3 Tutor to give each student a name card. Students to get up and go around the class using the dialogue to find their partner. eg Roméo looks for Juliette, Posh for Beckam... Possible follow-on activity would be for students to introduce themselves and spell their own name.

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