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Konjunktiv I und II

A selection of subjunctive exercises. The ‘Gebrauchsanweisung’ is a handy subjunctive ‘users guide’ provides usage and examples in a nutshell. This can be given to students as a quick reference. Sheet 1 illustrates usages through translation. Examples are close to those given in the users guide. Sheet 2 comprises exercises on Konjunktive II +würde, unrealisable conditions and polite requests. Sheet 3 provides an opportunity to practice indirect speech and the use of KI+KII in this context and another exercise on unrealisable conditions. Sheet 3 is an extension for those students who request extra materials to practice the subjunctive mode.

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Practising how to express possibility and probability using the subjunctive.

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Practising the use of the subjunctive to express opinions, doubts, hopes, with impersonal expressions and to talk about specific characteristics; Practising the use of credo di / penso di and the distinction between this structure and the use of credo che with subjunctive.

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L204Unidad3_La adivina

Practising different structures to give advice, and expressing possibility and probability using the subjunctive.

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Students practise using the subjunctive in structures to express their fears and expectations for the future.

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L204Unidad5_Casa ideal

Expressing likes and dislikes using the subjunctive, and needs when talking about houses in a role-play.

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L204Unidad5_Preferencias Vivienda

Expressing preference using the subjunctive in the context of accommodation and houses.

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L211 Unit 3 18 Démocratiser la culture

Discussing ways of making culture accessible to the greatest number of people

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L211 Unit 5 03 Parité

Discussing equal opportunities

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L211 Unit 5 10 Élections européennes juin 2009

Discussing elections, in particular the European elections

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L211 Unit 6 10 Opinions sur la biométrie - réactions

Discussing biometris using the subjunctive to express feelings

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Step by step guide on using the subjunctive

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Reflexive verbs

This exercise could be used as an ice-breaker on L203 to revise Reflexive Verbs in the Subjunctive. It could also be used on L130. With revision, some the task could be used on L193.

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le subjonctif

list of expressions followed by the subjunctive as well as list of verbs including irregular verbs. This can be used to form and use the subjunctive in whole group or small group activities

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