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L203Unit1Act1b_Erstes Treffen in Elluminate

This activity uses the same introductory whiteboard slides as L203Unit1Act1a (to familiarize students with Elluminate) but additionally includes some PowerPoints to trigger conversations about German-speaking countries. It is aimed at groups who have already met face-to-face and don't need another tutorial introducing themselves.

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L313Thema1_Zusaetzliches Material (1)_Karte deutschsprachiger Laender

This map can be used for an ice breaker activity, in which students are asked to name and talk briefly about places in German-speaking countries which they know. Describing the landscape of their chosen place leads into Th. 1, Teil 1.

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L313Thema2_Weitere Unterrichtsideen

Zusaetzliche Ideen fuer Tutorien zu Thema 2: die vaterlose Gesellschaft, Widerstand, Opposition und die Anwendung von Gewalt, Zeitzeugen und die Bergier-Kommission.

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