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Exprimer la proportion

Expressing proportions about the time people spend for their daily activities

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Kapitel 4_4_arranging_meetings

pair work activity; making arrangements to meet

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Kapitel 7_2_Ein typischer Tag

Talking about one's daily routine, using adverbs of time and frequency and sequencing words

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L140U1A06_Cuándo estudias español

Describing daily routine, frequent actions, using expressions of time and frequency

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L140U1A10_Pronto/a tiempo/tarde

Talking about time and routines. Comparing attitudes to time and punctuality in different cultures.

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L140U1A11_Todos somos iguales

Talking about time and routines. Reaching a consensus.

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Practise contrast between perfect and imperfect tenses, Consolidate expressions of time and frequency

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L196Uned10_Sesiwn5_Future plans

Saying what you will be doing in the future; asking what someone will be doing in the future.

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L196Uned3_Sesiwn5_The time

Asking and saying the time.

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L196Uned3_Sesiwn6_Daily routine

Asking and answering questions about a person’s daily routine, and practising the time using the TM after am.

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L196Uned3_Sesiwn7_Daily routine

Asking and answering questions about someone’s daily routine, and practising the time using the TM after am.

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L197 Unit 5 session 21-26

Zip files of sessions 21-26 in Unit 5 of module L197. Unit 5 will help you to do your shopping in Chinese, talk about opening and closing times, daily routines and how to get to places. Here you will also learn how to tell the time and talk about health issues, including how to give advice. This unit will introduce you to currency terms in China, high numbers, ordinal numbers, and terms for bus journeys. Please refer to the 'Notes' section under the 'Download' area for further information about each session.

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L197Unit6_Session 29_Transport

Talking about distances between two places Talking about how, when and where a past action occurred

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La routine au travail

Information gap activity. Students revise the conjugation of verbs first of all and then practise asking each other "A quelle heure..." developing speaking skills but also focusing on accuracy. A more open-ended activity could follow to allow students to talk about their own routine.

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Votre agenda

Information gap activity. Students each have a busy agenda and must arrange a meeting.

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la routine chez vous

powerpoint with questions on daily routine to be used with list of expressions of time. It can be used as whole group activity or as pair work. It could also be used for students to work out the questions in the perfect tense and to ask those questions to each other in pairs

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