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An Italian Tradition

Exploring the tradition of the popular theatre of the 'Pupi' (puppets)from Sicily; learning vocabulary / verbs; practsing reading / speaking skills

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L130 Thema 4 Teil 2 Akt. 1 Deutsche Weihnachten

Talking about German Christmas traditions

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L130 Thema 4 Teil 2 Akt. 2 Christmas

Participants are invited to first describe English Christmas traditions and compare them to German ones (follow on from 4_2_1)

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A matching activity,to help students broaden vocabulary and develop a varied writing style. This is useful for both TMAs 1 and the final project. The interactive version can be used as a whole-group warm-up or assessment activity. A computer and data projector are required for face-to-face tutorials. It is not suitable for Elluminate tutorials. This activity was made with Hot Potatoes software, which can be downloaded free of charge from The print version works well as a pairwork activity. Print the sheets(1 set for every two or three students),cut them into separate cards and distribute one set to each pair or group. Many students find working with cards much easier than matching items on a printed page.

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