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El tiempo

Elluminate screens to revise vocabulary relating to the weather. Clip art by Discovery School.

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Asking questions about someone’s holiday; talking about holidays in the past and future tense.

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Using vocabulary for a range of holiday places and activities; discussing holidays.

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Asking and responding to questions about weather conditions, practising naming days of the week, speaking about the past using roedd

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Using vocabulary about a holiday, practising language learned in the course so far.

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L196Uned7_Sesiwn1_Personal details

Reviewing and answering questions about personal details, and practising language learned in the course so far.

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L197Unit4_Session 16_weather

• Talking about weather. • Using comparative sentences in the negative form and talking about things or people that are the same.

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Le temps

Images of different types of weather, for use in groups to practice the vocabulary of weather.

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Quel temps fait-il?

Handouts for use in pair work,discussinmg the weather using imperfect, present and future tenses. One person asks what the weather was, is or will be in a chosen country. The partner replies, using imperfect, present or future.

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