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To teach / practise use of directions plus modifiers (faster, slower etc).

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Kapitel 6_6_Directions - asking and receiving

Asking for places in town and giving&receiving basic directions

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L192 Unit4 01 Asking for directions in town

Describing a neighbourhood, a town or a city,asking for directions,aaying where buildings are located

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L192 Unit4 02 Understanding and giving directions

Understanding directions,asking for directions,using devez+infinitive and il faut+infinitive

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L192 Unit4 03 Understanding and giving directions in a building

Understanding and giving directions in a building,understanding prohibition signs

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L192 Unit4 06 Travelling in town using public transport

Saying how you travel to various destinations,saying a destination can be reached using public transport

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L194 Libro2 Unidad6 Paseo por la ciudad

Asking and giving directions.

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Paseo por la ciudad

Re-adapted version of document Paseo por la ciudad. The tutor can first revise the vocabulary from each picture asking the students the names of the places. Then this can be done as a pair activity on break out rooms or the tutor can act as a local spanish person and get the students to ask directions to places. The numbers can be deleted on the map. The studen asks the teacher "cómo se va al Museo del Prado?" for example and then the teacher gives the directions while the student grabs the smiley face and moves it around according to the directions. Once they get the place the teacher or student can write the number of the place on the map according to the list below. This can be exploited in different ways. Comments are welcome!

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