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De tapas en Galicia

A collection of photographs related to having "tapas" in Galicia.

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In giro per Venezia a fare shopping In viaggio

questo, quello when doing shopping revising unit 4 - on holiday

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Kapitel 3_3_Food and Drink - frequency

Students talk about how often they eat or drink certain items

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Kapitel 3_3_Food and Drink - likes and dislikes

students talk about food and drink likes and dislikes

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Kapitel_8_Perfect tense with haben & sein

A sentence construction activity with visual prompts (places in town with "gegangen", food with "gegessen" and "getrunken") and extension work This consolidates work from Kapitel 6.9, 7.6, 7.7, 8.9.

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L192 Unit2 01 Expressing likes and dislikes

Expressing likes and dislikes,understanding and using food vocabulary,using definite articles

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L192 Unit2 02 Ordering food

Reading a menu in French,ordering food and drinks,using definite articles

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L192 Unit2 03 Paying your bill

Talking about prices in French,ordering food and drinks,using definite articles

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L194 El desayuno

A multisensory pronunciation activity focusing on sound /k/. Students decide what they would like to have for breakfast. Students can also discuss what people prefer to have for breakfast in their different cultures.

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L194 Libro2 Unidad5 El mercado

Shopping for food; asking the price of products.

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The Philippines

An activity designed to learn about the Philippines. Here you will learn about tourist attractions, traditions, food wildlife and the impact of Spanish on Filipino culture.

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Wall Performing Languages

Expressing likes and dislikes and to what degree, talking about food

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